Franco Ferri

When Franco Ferri set up a small sofa-making workshop in southern Italy, he did not imagine that three generations later the brand would develop and be world-renowned. His focus on detail, passion and professionalism has been passed on from generation to generation and is preserved to this day in each of the 200 sofas and chairs of Franco Ferri. Franco Feri founded a subsidiary called Max Divani, which operates in southern Italy, and offers models that combine comfortable designs with traditional Franco-Ferri designs. All the Franco Ferri and Max Divani furniture are manufactured in Italy with high quality and are imported exclusively to Israel by Roberto Design.

There are a number of other brands in the company that complement the main brand
Over the years we have picked up select brands from Italy and the Netherlands to help our customers complete the space correctly
The tables, lamps and pillows are imported from the Netherlands
From EICHOLTZ, which specializes in the highest quality field
The food corners are the consoles and the cabins we import from TONIN CASA