Franco Ferri | Roberto Design

The guiding principle of Franco Design in designing and manufacturing the various designs and products from Roberto Design is your comfort. The keyword is convenience, and in this respect we do not compromise. So let us arrange your home with Italian furniture in a variety of impressive, luxurious and especially comfortable designs.

We at Franco Fruit produce a variety of furniture, such as living rooms, sofas, armchairs, ballroom tables, buffets, dining areas, beds and more. The company, known as Roberto Design, is a well-established and world-renowned company in the manufacture and design of home furniture. We emphasize quality, perfect finishing, and do our work with great professionalism and lots of love. So the result is no less than perfect, and we will not compromise on less than that when we provide you the leading products in the home design market.

The beauty of choosing furniture from Roberto Design is the great selection Roberto Design has to offer. You can find furniture in a variety of styles to suit any design and any existing space, as well as furniture with different features that will be used for different purposes. For example, if you live in a small apartment and look for a living room you will find a useful and practical corner living room that will serve you well in the small apartment and will not need additions, and will be decorative and perfect alone as design furniture for the home.

Sofas, Slonim and other furniture from Roberto Design are designed and manufactured by the best experts who do their best to provide you with a quality product in every respect. We see in front of you our comfort so that you can indulge yourself on the spacious and comfortable sofas, on a corner lounge with a chaise longue you will not want to get up from, and luxurious armchairs. You can now invite guests and give them a taste of the pampering you experience every day.

Beyond the unprecedented comfort, we produce quality furniture with high durability that can serve you for years and will be resistant to various cleaning materials, dirt, and other pests that could damage the furniture. A quality product is expressed in its durability and its ability to survive over time, and that we provide.

Come and be impressed by the variety of furniture that Franco fruit has to offer, so that you will not regret having not bought.